Kyna Adkins
Daughter of Deimos
owned by: Huntress
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At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough, and what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey.

Kynthia Thalia (more commonly known as Kyna) Adkins is the daughter of Cecilia Spall-Adkins and Deimos, though she was passed off as the daughter of Marcellus Adkins. She is the granddaughter of Jack Spall and the Titaness Rhea, and is also related to James, Bowen and Harmony Spall on her mother's side. She is a nine year old assassin in training, and the heir of Marcellus' assassin business, though her mother finally found her and had her taken to Camp.

Full Name: Kynthia Thalia "Kyna" Adkins

Born: 21st of June

Age: 9

Status: Alive, Single

Gender: Female

Species: Demigod

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: American-Australian

Sexual Orientation: Uncertain

Romantic Orientation: Uncertain

Relationship Status: Single

Accent: American

Birthplace: LA, America

Native Language: English

Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, German

Current Location: Camp Half-Blood

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Possessions: Video Camera, Odette beanie kid bear and Sherlock Holmes book (both given to her by her mother), Sketch book, Pencil case filled with different pencils or pens for sketching, Her school stuff, All the Narnia books, No-Internet Laptop, USB with movies

Moral Alignement: Lawful Good, Crusader

Owned By: Huntress

Inspiration Behind Creation: Don't know

Love Interests Char/Owner: She's WAY too young

Plans: WIP




While most demigods may be sired from loving relations between deities and their more mortal lovers, Kyna is not one of them. In fact, her conception was nothing more than revenge by Deimos against Marcellus and Elijah Adkins. Since the Adkins were the leaders of a group of assassins, who killed anyone they were payed to, they were often hired to kill demigods. However, a month before Kyna was conceived, they had been hired to kill twenty kids of Deimos, all for various reasons and half of them under the age of eleven. The assassins responsible for most of the deaths were a couple, Marcellus Adkins and Cecilia Spall.

With the death of many of his children, Deimos was - to say the least - furious, and wanted revenge against the pair, mainly Marcellus. He knew that hurting Marcellus himself would mean little, the only way to truly making him pay would be to harm the one person Marcellus felt any love for. His girlfriend, Cecilia Spall. His plan was simple, pretend to be Marcellus and rape her, impregnating her with his child in order to make the extremely proud and possessive Marcellus pay.

His plan worked perfectly, especially since Marcellus had planned to be gone for a few days on another job. Deimos snuck into Marcellus and Cecilia's room, disguised as Marcellus and had sex with her. However, during that Marcellus returned and saw what was happening, and a confused Cecilia looked between the two of them, as Deimos turned back into himself. Cecilia - overwhelmed by terror and shame - moved away from Deimos before he disappeared. Marcellus turned to Cecilia and tried to comfort a sobbing and terrified Cecilia, however, Cecilia wouldn't let Marcellus touch her, especially since she could sense that she was pregnant by Deimos because she was a daughter of Rhea. Being a son of Hecate himself, Marcellus crafted and made a memory potion in order to remove Cecilia's memories of what Deimos did to her.

Her Mother's Pregnancy

With Cecilia's memories of the incident now removed, she was surprised when she learned of her pregnancy, and had no reason to believe the father wasn't Marcellus. However, Cecilia was hesitant, knowing that it was forbidden to have children with other assassins. Having persuaded him to change their training, she bought a pregnancy test, just to be one hundred percent sure. When Marcellus realised, he knew the child was Deimos, however, he didn’t say anything as Cecilia realised it was true, and even pretended to be happy for Cecilia’s sake.

During this time, Marcellus and Elijah fought about Cecilia, and, when Marcellus lied and said that Cecilia was pregnant with his child, things exploded, almost to the point where. Marcellus began trying to overthrow his father, and take the business for himself. Concerned for Cecilia’s wellbeing, he tried to have her stay out of it, however, that didn’t succeed and she joined him in his plan. The two planned everything as best they could.

When the time came, Cecilia tried to stay as far away from the whole fight, to prevent the baby from being injured. Unfortunately, Elijah wanted Cecilia out of Marcellus’ life, and was now taking matters into his own hands. By having Cecilia killed. While Marcellus and his friends were heavily focused on killing Elijah, Cecilia had to try to fight of the highly skilled assassin on her own. Luckily, the assassin had underestimated Cecilia, and did not have any weapons on him, while she – thanks to Marcellus’ training – always carried a weapon on her, namely a fully loaded handgun. After kicking the assassin in the nuts, she shot him in the head, before walking away to clean herself off.

When Marcellus and Cecilia spoke, they agreed that the rest of Elijah’s friends had to be killed. Most often came after Cecilia, whom she shot dead without flinching. After a few months, everyone who was not loyal to Marcellus was dead, and he had taken complete control over the business. He and Cecilia were finalising the plans to allow them to be married, before Cecilia went into an early labour. It lasted two days, during which, one of the midwifes told Marcellus of the risks. However, Cecilia managed to give birth to a healthy daughter, who was named Kynthia Thalia Adkins, though that was often abbreviated to Kyna – even by her parents. However, before Marcellus had the chance to meet his daughter, Cecilia’s midwife warned her that marrying Marcellus would end badly for both Cecilia and Kyna, though she took little heed of it, believing the midwife to be crazy. Three days after Kyna’s birth, Cecilia and Marcellus were married.

Early Life

Kyna lived the first few years of her life spoiled by her father, and doted on by her mother. She was raised among the assassins, and taught to live via their way of life. Due to being busy with the business – especially since there was quite the issue with everyone believing she was not a demigod – Marcellus was not able to be in Kyna’s life as much as he liked, which forced Cecilia to remove herself from the assassin work in order to care for her daughter.

During the very early years of her life, many assassins were trying to influence her, knowing that – demigod or not – she would be next to take control. However, Cecilia quickly put a stop to it, and instead, made the controversial decision to teach Kyna everything herself, with the occasional input from Marcellus. Cecilia taught her daughter all about the mythological world – especially about the monsters who would continuously hunt them – and how to survive in it. Cecilia also told Kyna that there was a place called Camp Half-Blood, though used Marcellus’ description of it, called it a forsaken hell.

Just before Kyna’s fourth birthday, she began showing an interest in sport, most specifically, in Tennis. Using the money from their work, Marcellus and Cecilia payed for their daughter to began with basic Tennis training. Also during this time, Kyna also began basic physical training, mainly being taught by Marcellus or one of his close friends, as Cecilia was more in charge of her academic training. During that time, Kyna noticed her father often with another girl, talking and kissing. When Kyna asked Marcellus about it, he simply said that the girl was a friend of his, and Kyna didn’t doubt him.

Parents' Separation

When Kyna was four years old, Cecilia was pregnant again, this time definitely by Marcellus. However, while Cecilia and Kyna were happy with their lives, Cecilia couldn’t help but notice that Marcellus wasn’t around with them as much as he used to be. Deciding it was best to investigate so she could ease her worries, she inquired about it to one of Marcellus’ friends, who told her that Marcellus was usually gone on more personal matters and it had nothing to do with the assassins. Now being more worried, Cecilia did further investigation into the matter, and discovered that he was having an affair.

When Marcellus came home that night, Cecilia confronted him about the affair, which he denied at first, until Cecilia revealed she saw him with her own eyes. Knowing now that keeping it secret wouldn’t work, Marcellus admitted to it entirely, which devastated Cecilia. Not wanting to stay with a cheater, Cecilia handed him divorce papers, however, instead of agreeing to it or even trying to talk with his wife about it, Marcellus had the divorce papers burnt before bashing Cecilia’s head in.

Unknown to both Marcellus and Cecilia, Kyna was watching the entire fight. After having locked Cecilia up, he realised Kyna was there and had her locked into her room, though simply told her that he and Cecilia were having a minor argument, and that her mother was completely alright. Being four, she didn’t see a reason to doubt her father as she went to bed that night, reading the Sherlock Holmes book that her mother had given her, which had once been a present to Cecilia from Marcellus.

Over the next few days, Kyna kept trying to see her mother, though Marcellus kept telling her that Cecilia was ill, and needed her rest. Despite being worried for her mother, life went on fairly normal for Kyna, only now, most of her academic training was also being handled by her father. During the weeks that passed, Kyna noticed her father going into his room, and was very secretive about what went on there. One time, when Kyna tried to open the door, she found out that it was locked with her father’s magic. Another time, she tried to listen to what her father was doing in there, though she couldn’t hear a thing.

One night, when Kyna was tucked into bed, asleep and dreaming about Halloween – most specifically, scaring her mother by wearing a clown costume – she was awoken by a strange person. However, since Kyna was extremely trusting (that and she can easily recognise voices), she quickly realised that the stranger was in fact her mother. Cecilia told her daughter that they were going on a trip together, and that she was feeling much better – though Kyna noticed the bruises all over her mother, but she said nothing. The pair packed some of Kyna’s most important valuables (teddy, doll, Sherlock book), before the two worked to escape the base, Cecilia repeatedly telling Kyna to be quiet. After taking Cecilia’s equipment, they got into Cecilia’s car and escaped the base before anyone knew the pair had left.

Life With Her Mother

Weeks passed, and the pair were now living in a luxurious penthouse apartment under false names, with Cecilia using the money she “stole” from her joint bank account with Marcellus. Even though Kyna loved living with her mother, she continuously asked for her father, wanting him to be with them as well. Since Cecilia didn’t want to burden her daughter with everything between herself and Marcellus, she simply lied and said that Marcellus was away on work, and that he would join them there soon. However, the more time went on, the easier their new life became, especially since Cecilia was leaving fake clues around the country to cover up the pairs real location.

One night, Cecilia decided to go out and have some fun, and arranged for a babysitter to take care of Kyna. The babysitter didn’t pay awful close attention to Kyna, which allowed her to go on her mother’s laptop and work out where Marcellus was. Realising that Cecilia had actually left Marcellus, and that she was trying to hide the pair, Kyna was experiencing both shock and confusion. However, before she could learn more, the babysitter forced her to go to bed.

However, that night, Kyna didn’t sleep, her mind trying to comprehend her mother’s reason for leaving Marcellus. She eventually heard her mother come home, along with a strange man. She heard her mother come in to wish her a goodnight’s rest, though Cecilia didn’t realise that her daughter was still awake as she fooled around with the stranger. The next morning, Kyna was about to confront her mother when she woke up to find that her mother was still in bed, though her friend very much wasn’t. He and Kyna spoke, and he introduced himself as Zavier. Kyna eventually told Zavier why she had to speak to her mother, though Zavier told Kyna it was best not to bring it up, and that – if Marcellus and Cecilia had separated – it was probably for the best.

Cecilia and Zavier stayed in a relationship for a few weeks, which Kyna didn’t pay much attention to, as she didn’t precisely know what was going on. However, two weeks into Cecilia’s relationship with Zavier, she discovered that she was pregnant. After a few days debating on whether to tell Kyna, Zavier eventually told her that she should. That night, as Cecilia was tucking Kyna in for bed, she broke the news, that Kyna was going to have a sibling. Kyna was happy for the idea of her mother having another baby, though she couldn’t see the child as her sibling, she and the baby didn’t have the same paternity.

After a few weeks, Zavier left Cecilia, however, before he did, he gave Kyna a goodbye present, a sketch book, saying that she had a talent for art, if only she would realise it. Kyna eavesdropped on Zavier’s goodbye to Cecilia, where she heard her mother call him Apollo. Realising that Zavier was a secret identity for Apollo, Kyna was confused as to why the God had been in a short relationship with her mother. Kyna heard Apollo tell Cecilia about Camp Half-Blood, and that it may be best that Cecilia leaves to go there, with Kyna. However, Cecilia refused.

Returning To Her Father

After Apollo had left, Cecilia had gotten a new job, as a secretary, while Kyna had slowly persuaded her mother to let her start Kindergarten with other kids, where she spent most of her time scaring them, finding it a fun hobby. However, as Cecilia slowly comforted herself in the thought that she and her daughter were safe, she started becoming sloppy in leaving fake trails behind, or covering up real ones, and that sloppiness was going to cost both Cecilia and her children their lives, especially since Marcellus had never stopped – and would never stop – hunting Cecilia and Kyna.

One fateful night, Cecilia had to attend a party of sorts, a masquerade business function. Cecilia left, trusting the babysitter would take good care of Kyna. Even though the babysitter wasn’t the most attentive in the world, she was made aware of Marcellus’ abusive nature, and had enough sense to know that Marcellus should not be allowed anywhere near Kyna.

Kyna spent most the night watching Narnia movies with the babysitter, especially since Cecilia hated movies and would never watch them with Kyna. As the pair were watching, Kyna fell asleep, and the babysitter, knowing that it was almost bedtime, carried the sleeping Kyna into bed and tucked her in, letting Kyna cuddle with her teddy, which was actually a Cuddly Kid from Australia.

As Kyna was sleeping, there was a knock on the apartment door, and the babysitter went to see who it was. The person claimed to be someone who also lived in the apartment complex, and wanted to see whether there was any sugar. Since he didn’t look like Marcellus in the picture Cecilia had given her, she agreed and invited the neighbour in as she went to grab some sugar. However, the moment he came in, he slit the babysitter’s throat as the rest of his team came in. They searched throughout the apartment until they found Kyna.

The leader of the group woke her up while the others went to hide the body. He told Kyna that he was sent by Marcellus to pick Kyna up from the apartment, and that he and Cecilia were waiting for her. At first, Kyna was a bit cautious, until she recognised him as one of her father’s friends and her former tutor – Jason. Jason helped Kyna pack some of her stuff before he carried her out of the apartment complex, and placed her inside his car. They all drove off to one of the new bases, where Marcellus was waiting for her. Kyna ran up to him and the pair hugged.

When she asked him about where her mother was, Marcellus told her that Cecilia had been killed by one of his enemies. Unknown to anyone, it was actually Marcellus who had killed Cecilia, as revenge for her cheating on him with Apollo. Marcellus led Kyna and the others to where Cecilia’s deceased body was, and let Kyna say goodbye to her mother. However, when they all left, Apollo had Cecilia turned into a Music Nymph and took her away, replacing it with an illusion of Cecilia’s body. The illusion was buried, and during the funeral, Kyna stayed close to her father. After it, when they were alone at Cecilia’s grave, he promised Kyna that he would protect her from everything, before they left.

Training & Schooling

Ever since then, Kyna continued her training. At first, it was simple Tennis lessons and learning about the Mythological world, though, as time went on, it became more intense. When she was five, her father – knowing he couldn’t teach her everything she would need to know, arranged for her to begin attending a private school for her more human education.

However, one day, while she was in the middle of her tennis lessons, her father came all of the sudden, clearly bruised and in pain from a fight. He told Kyna that they had to move, due to unforeseen circumstances. Even though Kyna tried to find out more, her father forced her to stay quite as he placed her in the car, having her more valuable possessions already packed. Marcellus drove her and himself to their new base, telling Kyna that the old one was attacked. What Marcellus convienantly left out was that the base was attacked by a now Music Nymph Cecilia, who was seeking revenge against Marcellus.

When she was six, she persuaded her father to let her begin art classes, remembering what Zavier had once told her. During this time, her training became more intense, to the point where she was often going to bed with bruises and sore muscles from the hard training. Her academic training was also rigorous, as, while she was attending a high-class private school which could provide her with the best mundane education, it was up to her father to teach her more about the mythological world, and to begin teaching her Ancient Greek and Latin.

Father's New Girlfriend

When Kyna was seven years old, Marcellus introduced her to Diana de la Cour – a daughter of Melinoe. Even though Marcellus introduced Diana as just an old friend, it didn’t take Kyna long to realise that this friend was actually Marcellus’ new girlfriend, especially after she saw the two in bed together. While Kyna tried to be nice to Diana, it wasn’t hard for Kyna to notice that Diana despised her for whatever reason, an attitude that Kyna had no problem reciprocating. Marcellus didn’t seem to notice his girlfriend and daughter’s hatred for one another, or he simply did not care.

It took only a few months for cracks to show in the relationship, which led to Marcellus seeing other women. However, despite knowing that Marcellus was cheating, Diana refused to leave him, and Marcellus refused to break it off himself, something Kyna guessed was due to his insufferably large pride. As such, the pair stayed together, even though only love in the relationship was Diana’s.

Due to them never calling the relationship off, Kyna was constantly tormented by Diana. While Marcellus still kept tight reins on his daughter’s life and tried to ensure Diana had little involvement, that didn’t stop her from messing with Kyna’s life, from making her miss classes due to “accidents” that “Kyna” caused around their home, to having Kyna’s art equipment destroyed. Even though Kyna tried to tell Marcellus what Diana was doing to her, Marcellus didn’t listen, believing that Diana was simply trying to toughen Kyna.

Demigod Abilities


Will be updated whenever something big happens to Kyna

Physical Appearance: WIP

Style: WIP


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Name Relation Feelings
Cecilia Spall Mother Love her to bits
Deimos Biological Father From what I've heard, not a good guy
Marcellus Adkins Legal Father He was a dick to mum, but he did raise me
Apollo Mother's Ex Liked him, he made mum happy
Diana de la Cour Legal Father's Girlfriend There are not enough middle fingers
Deimos' Cabin Half-Siblings Meh, they're okay
Rhea Maternal Grandmother Well, mum doesn't speak highly of her, so...
Jack Spall Maternal Grandfather From what I've heard, he was a good guy
James Spall Cousin I suppose he's okay
Bowen Spall Cousin I suppose he's okay
Harmony Spall Cousin Mum speaks very highly of her

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Kyna ~ Demigod
Owned by Huntress

-Daughter of Deimos

 – "What might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey."

Anyone can be killed.

Name Etymology:

  • Kynthia: Ancient Greek, woman from Kynthos
  • Thalia: Ancient Greek, to blossom


  • She has no fears


  • Book: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Movie: Every Narnia movie ever made
  • TV Show: A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Colour: Blue
  • Food: Her mother's hone-made shawarma
  • Singer: It changes all the time
  • Quote: "What might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey."


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